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Portia Malatji


Portia first arrived in Johannesburg in 1996. Stepping out of the taxi with a suitcase and just R30, she began her life-long entrepreneurial journey. Soon after starting her formal career in administration, she discovered her love for training. Addressing the issue of over-indebtedness and unemployment by making information simple, easy-to-understand and practical, she was able to connect with schools, colleges, employees and communities around the country.

Today, she continues working on making her dream a reality. Inspired by her vision to train 1 000 000 individuals in financial education, Portia seeks to change the world through skills development. For her, it is all about empowering communities!

Portia is the founder and CEO of the renowned PM Skillshouse Training company – one of the most successfully informal financial training companies in South Africa.

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Nanako Tshukudu



Nanako is a young, up-and-coming South African woman who’s driving passion is to see young businesses grow, thrive and prosper in the 21st century economy. Her young, dynamic, go-get attitude is contagious – and she quickly becomes a trusted friend to all around her. Starting her first company, PM Skillshouse Foundation, in 2020, she is ambitious and goal-oriented.


She is driven by a desire to give back to the community around her – imparting the skills and knowledge she gained over her life so far to leave a mark on the world.

Tash Louw


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